Conferencing Services

Great ideas need to be heard and seen!

Audio Conferencing. Web Conferencing. Video Conferencing.

Many times, these services are an afterthought. Until the bill comes and you find out what you are actually paying… this is when the whistle blows and the yellow flag is thrown! Penalty: Roughing the buyer!! It’s not uncommon to see savings of up to 50% for these same conferencing services.

However, it’s not just savings that defines a good, solid conferencing service. Flexibility, user interface, features, billing platforms, recording, and archiving functions have drastically improved in the recent years. Combine these improved features with XILEC’s ability to manage and serve, and you have a winning solution.

If your company conducts web conferences, you may have a relationship with a specialized service provider spanning many years. Your decision to stay with that provider may be due to familiarity of the interface, how to schedule and conduct meeting, etc.

Fortunately, the most common web conferencing platforms, such as Cisco’s WebEx and Microsoft LiveMeeting are available from various sources. In fact, many conferencing companies provide multiple platforms under the same accounts so your users can select from a variety of platforms for the one that meets their needs.

Do more… and travel less… with mission critical conferencing services. Present, collaborate and demonstrate from your PC, Mac or wireless device. Whether your needs are basic or elaborate, when it comes to conferencing, XILEC makes it easy.